VitalSignals® Scale Built with Bluetooth® Connectivity
   – Accurate and automated weight monitoring

The VitalSignals® Precision Scale is the first affordable, highly accurate, high weight capacity, wireless bathroom scale. The scale uses the most technically advanced wireless communications to work automatically in conjunction with MedSignals, providing audible weight readings, then forwarding readings to users’ files online. Maximum weight is 400 pounds.

The scale applies short-range Bluetooth wireless transmission for interoperability. (Bluetooth is a popular wireless standard offering hands-free automated uploads.) The scale itself has a large easy-to-read display locally and a state-of-the-art communications infrastructure from the home that is automatically triggered when patients weigh themselves. Bluetooth® transmission is received by the VitalSignals® pillbox/hub and sent to servers via analog landlines.

Vitalsignals scale


The scale currently has no speech capability, but the pillbox/hub can alert when to take readings.  It can optionally announce weights aloud (in English or Spanish) – a huge benefit to vision impaired or morbidly obese patients who cannot see the scale. Together with medication records, weights recorded will be automatically sent to the patient’s private, secured page and integrated into charts, showing relationships with other key vital signs and medication records. 

Wireless scales completely eliminate manual logging of test results, improves data accuracy, and removes the opportunity for inaccurate entries. 

MedSignals® can be used as a Gateway in 45 countries for VitalSignals® monitors pending regulatory approvals.
ASK if it is in your country.

The VitalSignals® scale has a maximum weight of 400lbs, 180kgs.

Features include:

  • A fully integrated Bluetooth® upload system to transmit readings through the hub from the home in real time
  • Rapid reading stabilization with accurate results (available in under 3 seconds)
  • A large 4.3" LCD with blue backlight
  • Supported by a pillbox/hub to voice-announce when time to weigh
  • Optional verbal announcements of weight by the pillbox/hub
  • Integrated charts, showing weight related to other vital signs and medications taken.