VitalSignals® provides cordless ease instantly with our new portable Pulse Oximeter

Pulse oximeters are becoming a staple in home vital sign monitoring. Moving well past respiratory conditions, measuring oxygen saturation is now a first-line measure in many diseases.

For the patient at home, remembering to capture those scores – where did I leave my diary?—and then to bring them to the next doctor’s appointment is a challenge.

What was missing until lately was a Bluetooth pulse oximeter that sends readings instantly to the care providers – particularly when the user is scoring below acceptable levels.

An early warning system and a full alerting system! Plus, it is highly affordable for self-paying families wanting instant knowledge when a loved one is in danger. This newest addition to the VitalSignals® ecosystem is easy, affordable, and highly-accurate.


When paired with the MedSignals® hub, its best-in-class features include:

  • Instant Bluetooth® transmission from monitors to the hub to the cloud to patient SmartCharts™
  • Spoken reminders –in many languages—when it is time to test.
  • SpO2 and pulse readings announced aloud.

  • Instant alerts to your care team when you are below acceptable parameters
MedSignals® can be used as a Gateway in 45 countries for VitalSignals® monitors pending regulatory approvals.
ASK if it is in your country.

Our model has other great features:

  • Equipped with a 65K color LED display -- animated pulse rate waveform and bar graph display
  • Advanced technology that is very easy to use – results with the click of a button
  • A small in size, wireless, and portable
  • A digital technology with low power consumption