VitalSignals®collaborates with best-of-class manufacturers worldwide to provide reliable, affordable, wireless vital sign monitors. We then pair meters with the MedSignals® hub, the VitalSignals® Adherence Engine and your personal SmartCharts™ to deliver reports to concerned care givers.

The benefits:

  • Instant Bluetooth® transmission from monitors to the hub -- fully integrated with your record of using insulin or diabetes drugs,
  • Spoken reminders –in many languages—when it is time to test.
  • Vital sign scores spoken aloud – especially helpful to vision-impaired users
  • Timely reports to your care team, assuring them when you are OK or reporting when you are out-of-range (beyond your defined acceptable parameters)


Our chosen glucose meter offers other major benefits:

  • Rapid Testing Results-- available In 3 seconds,
  • The Smallest Blood Sample Size (.3μl) of Any Meter
  • Automatic Coding Of Test Strips.

MedSignals® can be used as a Gateway in 45 countries for VitalSignals® monitors pending regulatory approvals.
ASK if it is in your country.

Vital sign monitors have no speech capability—they cannot alert “TIME TO TEST!” But MedSignals® can. When a test is due, MedSignals® voice reminds you periodically to test in many languages.

And, a reminder appears on the LCD screen and periodically recurs until you have tested.

When you have tested, MedSignals® will announce aloud (optionally) the values it received.

Paired with your medication records, glucose test results are automatically sent your secure page in combined charts.